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Encuentras de todos los precios, buena calidad.
- Carolina R
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Amplio ,bello e imponente
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Handmade Mexican Cigars.

Lauro’s House Cigars is a Premium Cigar, with the necessary characteristics to satisfy the pleasure of those but selective smokers.   
Lauro´s House Cigars, it's elaborated with a careful selection of leaves of tobacco of the highest quality in the world, the matter prevails it rests in our shops of fermentation and despalillo where our specialized technicians strengthen with kindness and spices all the leaves to reach its delight and flavor that it characterizes us, and this way to create the finest and unequal "Puro".
All the tobacco comes from the Sierra de San Andrés Tuxtla, Veracruz.

Which lines of cigars we have? We make 5 different lines. 
Natural, it’s a 3 years old line, that the taste it’s smooth and really mild. 
Habana, it’s a 5 years old line, the taste it’s medium and creamy. 
Maduro, a 7 years old cigar and the taste will be strong and at the same time still smooth. 
Caramelo it’s our special line and it’s a mix between a 3 years old leave and a 7 years old leave, the taste goes mild to medium, its creamy and a little beat sweet. 
Flavored, this line its sweet and mild, we have different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mint and cherry. 

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